Member Results March 3rd- 5th 2017

Eddie Farrell fought over in Myanmar (just outside of Thailand) in a Bare Knuckle fight Friday night. NRF will catch up with him once he’s rested, he left the hospital with another 15 stitches to add to his proud scar collection! You are one a touch and crazy guy, Eddie and we love it!

Eddie Farrell (left)

We had a quick catch up with Eddie not long after his fight, here’s what he told us:

Was a hectic fight hey. Went the distance but lost on points. Fought with taped up bombed hands. Throwing knuckle busters at each other. The headbutts were fun too..15 stitches to take home with me! ” ~ Eddie Farrell


QLD’s Nakia “Dropbear” Wright stepped in on 1 weeks notice after a last minute pull out to fight in Victoria on Rebellion Muay Thai, bringing home the WIN (SPD)! Congratulations Nakia! Awesome fight!

Thank you so much to NRF Australia for helping me get this opportunity to fight on such a prestigious show in VIC, Rebellion Muay Thai! ” ~ Nakia Wright

Nakia gets the win (right)

Kelly Ramsbottom unfortunately didn’t get the win for Rebellion Roots 2: Jammin’ show. Good work Kelly on another tough fight. We are proud of you no matter the result!

Ya win and sometimes ya don’t. Not always bout winning, rather progression and I can say with out a doubt I gave it everything and am proud of my performance. ” ~ Kelly Ramsbottom

Kelly post fight with team

Lucas McCann fought an awesome battle in Ignite the Fight 20 in QLD. Lucas came away with a KO early in Round 2.

Thanks for all the love everyone ? was fun…. more to come down the track ” ~ Lucas McCann

Lucas upon punching his opponent out of the ring


Nakia “Dropbear” Wright WIN
Kelly Ramsbottom  LOSS
Lucas McCann WIN-KO
Eddie Farrell LOSS

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