Member Results Nov 4-5 2017


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Our Queensland fighters were extremely busy this weekend. We had five members battling it out across the state and this is how they went…

Jonathan “The Black Gold Kazagam” Tuhu was back over the ropes again over the weekend, he gave it everything he had but unfortunately didn’t come away with the win this time.

Thank you everyone for the great support, didn’t come good last night. ~ Jonathan “The Black Gold Kazagam” Tuhu

Jonathan “The Black Gold Kazagam” (left)

Lorna “Baby G” Bremner took on a much more experienced opponent and after 3 very strong rounds by “Baby G” she came away with the goods. Congratulations Lorna!

We won last night!!!  Thank you a billion million times to everyone who came to support ~ Lorna Bremner

Lorna Bremner wins

Junior Muay Thai Fighter Tia Nikpalj fought for the 5th time in her young career over the weekend as main event on the Gold Coast.  Tia looked strong, confident and showed beautiful technique, after a solid performance, she came away with the win. Amazing work Tia!

Won my fight yesterday on Russian Roulette by TKO with an elbow and split her eyebrow open ~ Tia Nikpalj

Tia Nikpalj (left)

Another one of our Junior fighters Delano Nagy also featured on the Russian Roulette Junior show on the Gold Coast.  He fought hard to become the victor. Well Delano on a great win!

Delano Nagy (left)

Kyl Juler  put on a great fight vs an opponent from NZ on Russian Roulette, he looked strong for the win, but unfortunately the split points decision not going his way.

 Kyl stepped up and fought more a experienced opponent but showed great heart and skill – Blair Chave

Kyl Juler


EDDIE FARRELL battled it out in Myanmar this weekend, in yet another bare knuckle fight.  As always this super tough crazy fighter went the full five rounds with one of the countries top level super stars.  After once again putting on an entertaining and epic fight, he didn’t come away with the win, but he had fun doing it!!  Us Aussies love having you rep us on the big world wide stage mate!

Awesome show and great people, was still one of the funnest weeks ever with crazy funny fighters and people that made the trip awesome!! Till next time ✌️?– Eddie Farrell

Eddie Farrell (centre)



Jonathan “The Black Gold Kazagam” Tuhu LOSS Muay Thai
Lorna Bremner WIN Muay Thai
Tia Nikpalj WIN Muay Thai
Delano Nagy WIN Muay Thai
Kyl Juler LOSS Muay Thai
Eddie Farrell LOSS Lethwei

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