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Over the weekend in Sydney, NRF proudly supported the Real Hero Show which The Fight Stalker Melina Yung attended to chat to fighters and cheer on NRF member Jonathan Tuhu.  This was a professional run and organised show, with quality fights.

Queensland’s Jonathan “The Black Gold – Kazagam” Tuhu fought in a proud NRF Match up.  The Black Gold flew in  to QLD from PNG only a week or so prior to this fight at 65kg.

Thanks everyone for the great support..didn’t come good last night ,lost on points..I’m looking forward to my next fight! …stay turned oss ” -Jonathan “The Black Gold – Kazagam” Tuhu

No win for Jonathan tonight against the very skilled Singpayak. He is resting up now and feeling okay. Well done Singpayak on a strong performance.” – The Fight Centre- Brisbane

“Black Gold” (right)


See Black Gold’s fight here:


Over in Qld’s Gold Coast hinterland, the WAKO K1 Kickboxing Championships featured five of our NRF fighters. We sent our NRF Member Admin guru Lisa, to cheer on our members. Massive shout out to WAKO Australia for having us there. Here’s how our members went in their 3x2min rounds:

NSW’s Double Dragon Martial Arts Gym brought their team along to fight in the semi-main events. Luke Thompson fought against a Qld’er at 91kg. Luke showed his power and knocked is opponent in the second round. He was awarded the WAKO 91kg K1 National Champion. Straight after Luke, Hugh O’Donnell fought against his own state and in the third round landed a flying knee, opening his opponents right cheek. With that stoppage, Hugh is the 71kg WAKO National K1 Champion. Well done boys and Double Dragon! Hugh will be fighting for the MTA NSW State Title in a fortnight at Siam 2 Sydney- wishing Hugh the best of luck.

Great night in the office for the team at @wakoaustralia, karina won her first fight and then loss a close decision in the second fight. both were action pack crackers, @lukethompson___ won via 2nd round KO and @hughodonnell won via third round cut stoppage from a flying knee. Thanks for having us QLD ” – Double Dragon Martial Arts

Hugh WAKO K1 National 71kg Champ

Luke WAKO K1 91kg National Champ

Also from Double Dragon, Karina Cardenas Salazar fought in the semi final for the 4 woman eliminator and won split decision against the QLD opponent. This took her through to the final, after one exciting fight unfortunately she didn’t come away with the win in the final.

First time doing a tournament, some great fight experience.” – Karina Cardenas Salazar


Lorna “Baby G” Bremner fought in the 4 Woman Eliminator challenge. Going strong and not holding back, she won the semi fight. In the main event, “Baby G” didn’t falter, she bought more power and awesome kicks winning in a close decision, the WAKO K1 65kg National Champion. The smile on her face did not leave all night. Fantastic!

We did it!!!!!!!  I thought I’d never make it out of the first fight, then the second felt like a dream – best feeling ever getting this belt around my waist  thank you SO MUCH to everyone, Blair Chave, Iggy McGowan , my family at URBAN FIGHT GYM my friends and everyone who’s helped me out I … love you guys!!!!!!! New Australian Champ what the ” -Lorna “Baby G” Bremner

Lorna- Winner WAKO National K1 65kg Champ

Kyl Juler fought a rematch against SA in the WAKO Junior 68kg title. Their first fight was voted fight of the night earlier this year, we couldn’t wait to see what Kyl was going to bring this weekend. Kyl looked so strong and pushed through the full 3 rounds. It was such a close fight, we thought he had it, but unfortunately the points weren’t in his favour.

Kyl Juler


See his fight here:

Rob Lambkin gave his all in the 91kg 4 man Eliminator. He unfortunately lost the war in the first battle, fighting heart and soul only just recovering from being sick, Rob still finished the three round bout.

Big shout out NRF always there to support the fight game n have always backed me win or lose , these guys are always about the fighters best interest” – Rob Lambkin

Rob Lambkin


Jonathan “The Black Gold – Kazagam” Tuhu LOSS Muaythai
Hugh O’Donnell- WAKO K1 National 71kg Champion WIN K1
Luke Thompson- WAKO K1 National 91kg Champion WIN K1
Lorna “Baby G” Bremner- 4 woman Eliminator- WAKO K1 National 65kg Champion WIN K1
Karina Cardenas Salazar – 4 woman Eliminator WIN (semi final)
LOSS (final)
Kyl Juler LOSS K1
Rob Lambkin LOSS K1

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