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Well done to all our NRF fighters who fought their battles over the weekend.  Check out photos & videos below from all the action from our members.


Proudly supported by NRF, Caged Muay Thai 10 was held in Brisbane South on Friday night. 

We had three NRF fighters featuring on the show…

John Wayne Parr fought full thai rules in the 74kg International Australia Vs Ireland main event. In an unanimous decision, JWP took out the CMT 74kg title belt against the Irish.

 So lucky to be 41yo and still be able to do this for a job. Feel fitter and stronger now than when I was in my 20’s.  I don’t fight because I have to, I fight because I love it ?.!!!” -John Wayne Parr

Win for JWP


Jada “Knees from Hell” Ketley fought hard in all 3x3min rounds, unfortunately the “Knees from Hell” came away with a loss.

Regardless of the outcome last night, I will definately step in the cage again and fight with those little gloves. After my 1st loss, I came back stronger, and I plan to do so again.” -Jada “Knees from Hell” Ketley

Jada (left)


Scott Rowsthorn got the win in his 3×3 battle in the cage. Fantastic result Scott.

First fight in the cage and taking home the win. I can’t explain the feeling I have and how grateful I am to everyone for there help getting here.” -Scott Rowsthorn

Win for Scott


In Toukley, The NRF Fight Stalker Melina attended the show to chat to the NRF members who were featuring and to cheer the boys on.

Two NRF members, Joe Florence and Danny “Lil Reaper” Roberts went head to head in a full Thai rules battle for the NSW State 58kg Junior feather weight title.  They battled the 5x2min rounds with Joe coming out the new NSW title.

What a night all the hard work paid off awesome fight thanks to Danny Roberts best war and top bloke ” -Joe Florence 

Joe Florence NSW state title


…firstly Joe Florence, I said before the fight let’s put in a show and my God did we do that, wat a fuking war, like I said before u a champ in and out the ring mate u form a strange close bond with someone wen u spend 5rds trying to punch each other in face…” -Danny “Lil Reaper” Roberts

Danny Roberts V Joe Florence

Watch their fight here:

Here is The NRF fight stalker chatting to our NRF members before their fight.
Danny Roberts:

Joe Florence:

Rob Lambkin fought in a heavy weight 92kg K1 fight unfortunately unable to go the 3x2min rounds due to stoppage.

Didn’t get the win tonight got stopped with a soccer kick on the way down from a knee… got to fight in front of home crew, legends for supporting me , massive thank you to everyone that helped…. ” -Rob Lambkin

Rob weighs in

NRF Fight Stalker interview with Rob pre-fight:

Rob’s Fight:


Currently our junior NRF fighters are representing Australia in Bangkok at the IFMA Junior Muaythai World Championships– see how they went in our NRF coverage and results post


John Wayne Parr-
CMT 74kg Title Belt
WIN Muaythai
Scott Rowsthorn WIN Muaythai
Jada “Knees from Hell” Ketley LOSS Muaythai
Danny “Lil Reaper” Roberts LOSS Muaythai
Joe Florence-
NSW State Title
WIN Muaythai
Rob Lambkin LOSS K1

Photo credits to:
Visual World
Sharon Richards Photographics
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Check out some photos below of our NRF Members…



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